Monday, April 26, 2010

Anthropac 4.98 for DOS is now FREE!

Because Windows 7 does not support DOS programs, as of May 1, 2010 we are no longer charging for Anthropac 4.98, which is a DOS program. Note that Anthropac can still be made to run on Windows 7 machines by using a third party DOS emulation program, such as DOSBox.


  1. Dr. Borgatti,

    This sounds great! How does one go about obtaining the software? I searched around for a link on the website and also went through the normal email-link process but the student version is still listed as $30.

    Thanks again for deciding to make Anthropac freely available and I look forward to getting a copy as soon as I can figure out the download process.

    Alan Schultz

  2. Hi Alan,
    You can find the download link here

    hope this helps
    Dan Halgin
    University of Kentucky

  3. How to Use Anthropac with Windows 7

    1. You will need to download and install a dos emulator, such as dosbox. Dosbox is available at this link Download the version of dosbox that is listed for use with windows,

    2. You also need to download Anthropac. Anthropac is available at this link

    3. At the top level of your "C:" drive, create a folder entitled APAC. Move all the anthropac files that you downloaded into this new folder.

    4. For each new project you begin, create a new subfolder for the project. Be sure that the name for that folder is no longer than 8 characters long. Place the .TXT file of your data in this folder. This will help prevent your files from being overwritten by mistake.

    4. Open Dosbox. At the "z:\" prompt, type "mount c c:\apac\". Hit enter. Type "c:". Hit enter. (The prompt should now read "c:\". You have also now told the dosbox program to look in the new folder you created for the files you will want to use as you move forward.)

    (You may have problems with getting your computer to type a "\" or a ":". If you have this problem, please reference the dosbox FAQ There are several solutions to this problem, but the easiest might be to assign the \ or : to a key on your keyboard. To do this, press CTRL-F1 to enter the keymapper and select the backslash with your mouse. Press the DELETE button that will show up on your screen. Then press ADD to bind backslash to another key. Simply press an unused key to bind it to this. Press SAVE and then EXIT to return to the main screen.)

    5. Now it is time to open Anthropac. To do this type "apx". A multicolor welcome screen should appear.

    6. Now you will want to upload files. Because you have already told dosbox to look in your apac folder for files, you will not need to change directories (something you would do if using Anthropac with an earlier version of windows that did not need dosbox.) Your .TXT of your data MUST be located in the apac folder you created. It is okay to have the file in a subfolder within the main folder. If the file is located in a subfolder type "\subfolder\filename". In order to import a file that is in the main apac folder simply type the file name at the import data file prompt.

    Be sure to change the output locations on the import screen. For example, for the output file "FLMAT" type "\subfolder\FLMAT". This will make the program send your output files to the project subfolder you created.

    (if you try to use your cursor and it becomes trapped in the dosbox screen, push ctrl f10 to free your cursor).

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  5. You will need to download and install a dos emulator, such as dosbox. Dosbox is available at this link Download the version of dosbox that is listed for use with windows
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  8. Runs beautifully in Mac OS Mavericks.

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